STAR Group features


Why STAR Group?

STAR Group is a different kind of consulting firm.  Our highly experienced principal partners empower groups and inspire change through organized meetings and informed stakeholders.

Our View

We feel that enthusiasm without knowledge is like running in the dark, which is why we have studied and strived for decades to ensure that we can provide the tools needed to teach, implement, and exact change.

The STAR Group Utility Search Conference®

STAR Group is the exclusive provider of the STAR Group Utility Search Conference®, a results-driven method for bringing together utilities and affected stakeholders to produce develop solutions to complex issues that all are willing to support.

Team Building

Successful organizations foster creativity and synergy. This is the key to achieving success in any collaborative venture.  STAR Group believes that Team Building cannot be separated from your work.  Learn more here.

Partners in Success

We have partnered with and helped dozens of organizations, companies and government entities throughout the nation, so you can trust the Star Group with any conflict, goal, or future commitment on your horizon.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process brings out the best that your organization has to offer.  With STAR Group, your plan will come to life through decisive, concrete action steps that your team will be committed to taking immediately.