Additional Resources

Documents and Websites You Can Use for Scaling Up

Rocket Matter Webinar March 25 2015 – “Using Your WHY to Build a Great Law Practice” (PDF file).

A B C Player Worksheet – This document helps identify “A” players in your company (or candidates for new positions). High performing companies try to have 90% of their personnel fall into the “A” player category. An “A” player is someone who scores high on the Productivity scale (their knowledge, aptitude and ability to perform the specific job function) AND who behaves in a manner that is consistent with your organization’s Core Values. (PDF file).

Sample Job Scorecard – This document provides some of the measures you may want to use in evaluating your current or prospective employees. (PDF file).

scalingup book cover – Verne Harnish is the author of “Scaling Up,” one of the most comprehensive “how to” books on the subject. In addition to information about the book, the site provides many additional tools you can use to navigate the path to successful growth.

Start with Why Book Cover – Simon Sinek’s book, “Start with WHY,” is a must-read for anyone trying to understand why a purpose-driven company is so likely to succeed. As the title of the book suggests, it all starts with WHY. Click here to listen to Simon describe some of the key principles in the book.

why-circle – Use this site to learn more about the WHY movement, connect with a certified WHY coach (Chris Kenny of STAR Group is a certified WHY coach) and find other resources you can use to learn the power of WHY.

TTSA Book Cover TTSA Workbook cover – In “Turn the Ship Around,” Capt. L. David Marquet describes the powerful story of how he and the sailors under his command successfully developed and implemented a Leader-Leader culture aboard the U.S.S. Santa Fe. Capt. Marquet has now published a companion workbook with practical ideas you can use to adopt Leader-Leader within your organization.

Multipliers Book Cover – In “Multipliers,” Liz Wiseman details her extensive research on the subject of why some leaders consistently get more from their people than others. Are you a Multiplier or are you an accidental Diminisher? Take this 5 minute assessment to find out.