The Conscious Leaders Group™

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“Grow Yourself. Grow Your Organization. Grow Your Community.”

The Conscious Leaders Group exists to create an economy of opportunity and prosperity in which all stakeholders thrive.

Conscious Capitalism® Credo

“We believe that business is good because it creates value, it is ethical because it is based on voluntary exchange, it is noble because it can elevate our existence, and it is heroic because it lifts people out of poverty and creates prosperity. Free enterprise capitalism is the most powerful system for social cooperation and human progress ever conceived. It is one of the most compelling ideas we humans have ever had.

At The Conscious Leaders Group(CLG), our Members support one another in building financially successful organizations that improve lives. Our Members apply the Four Tenets of Conscious Capitalism in order to:

  • Earn industry-leading revenue and profit
  • Develop fully engaged, pro-active leadership teams
  • Enjoy higher levels of customer loyalty and employee morale
  • Create market differentiation and visibility
  • Recruit, retain and promote the most talented individuals in their field
  • Execute on their highest-level priorities
  • Experience greater levels of innovation
  • Achieve significantly higher business valuations
  • Establish a positive legacy for future generations

Who is CLG for? CLG is designed for a business owner who:

  • Has a growth mindset
  • Loves to learn
  • Desires to help the other Members succeed
  • Is willing to invest in herself/himself and in her/his leadership team
  • Holds himself/herself and others accountable
  • Is committed to leaving a positive legacy

Our Core Values:

Freedom. We create opportunities for people to be their best.
Everybody Matters. We act for the good of all concerned.
Truthfulness. We tell the truth, even when it’s inconvenient.
Mutual Accountability. We hold ourselves accountable to one another.

Who are your coaches?

  • Chris Kenny, President, STAR Group, LLC. Chris delivers clear thinking to purpose-driven leaders who want to build great companies. He is a lifelong learner with over 30 years’ experience as an attorney, entrepreneur and business coach. Chris may be reached at (505) 263-7067 or via email at
  • Ben Thomson, Principal, Pivotal Consulting, LLC. Ben works with intentional leaders and their teams to build trusting partnerships, solve complex problems, and implement scalable processes. Ben focuses his coaching practice on helping leaders improve quality of life for themselves, their teams and their stakeholders. Ben may be reached at (510) 332-4873 or via email at

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