The Impact You Have on The Lives of Those in Your Care

Most leaders have NO CLUE about the profound impact they have on the lives of others. Consider some of these eye-opening statistics (courtesy of Bob Chapman’s blog and podcast on “Truly Human Leadership,” which you can follow at

74% of people say the workplace is the leading cause of stress in their lives.

54% of workers report that stress from work affects their life at home.

76% of US workers said that workplace stress affected their personal relationships.

A third of US-based workers visited a doctor for something stress-related.

No less than the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concurs: Dr. Casey Chosewood of the CDC told The Truly Human Leadership folks last year that the person you report to at work can be more important to your health than your family doctor!

And when it comes to the person you report to at work:

56% of American workers claim that their boss is mildly or highly toxic.

75% of Americans say that the “boss is the most stressful part of their workday.”

Think about that. There is a greater than 50-50 chance that YOU are considered by your co-workers to be mildly or HIGHLY TOXIC and there is a 3 out of 4 chance that YOU are the most stressful part of someone’s workday!

Did you have ANY idea that you are having such an impact on the lives of those in your care? The numbers don’t lie: the manner by which you interact with the people in your care has a profound impact on their lives and on the lives of their families.

The bottom line is this: WHAT you think about leadership is not important. HOW you lead matters. A LOT.

So, are you a Truly Human Leader? Because those are the leaders who create fulfillment for themselves and for others while building a financially successful organization. The $3BB (U.S.) privately-held company that Bob Chapman and his team at Barry-Wehmiller have built proves that Truly Human Leadership works. In a big way.