The Implications of Transactive Energy

“Transactive energy” may represent the new paradigm that will allow electric utilities to remain relevant in an era of ever-changing technologies and consumer behavior. The term does not have a standard definition but generally describes techniques for managing the generation, consumption or flow of electric power within an electric power system through the use of […]

The Implications of Solar Disruptions to the Electrical Grid

In an article on EnergyBiz, Ken Silverstein talks about the potential damage to the electrical grid from recent solar activity and the possible negative effects on the economy. There is another reason electric utilities should take this threat seriously: as Silverstein notes, long-distance transmission lines and the various switching stations needed to bring power from […]

The Growing Implications of Net Metering to Rate Payers, Utilities and Policy Makers

Net metering (the process where a home or business generating its own electricity can run its meter backward and sell any excess electricity it generates to the grid for a bill credit) continues to gain momentum in the United States. While the total number of customers using net meters remains relatively small, their numbers are […]

The First Step in Strategic Planning: Reducing “DKDK” Risk

In a recent Inc. Magazine article, Les McKeown describes a business adaptation of “Johari’s  Window.” Instead of the 4-part window originally developed in the mid-1950’s to help people understand their relationship with themselves and others, McKeown uses a circle representing everything you need to know to grow your business successfully: It is made up of […]

Implications for the Nuclear Power Industry: New Alloy Might Help Avoid Fukushima Disaster

As mentioned in my earlier post on this blog, the Obama Administration is taking steps to force electric utilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While most of the administration’s efforts are focused on imposing restrictions on the sources of pollution, the White House has also announced through its “all of the above” approach to energy […]

Building Trust in the Utility Sector

A recent study by Accenture (“The New Energy Consumer Handbook“) delivers an important message to utility industry leaders: now, more than ever, consumers need to hear from you about how you will deliver reliable, affordable electricity to power their interconnected world. Unfortunately, most utility executives remain virtually unknown in their communities, preferring to keep their […]

Why 93% of American Businesses are Concerned about Risk – and What Can Be Done About It

In a recent study conducted by financial services provider State Street and reported in the magazine, Strategic Risk (, fully 93% of respondents in the Americas view improving the assessment and pricing of risk as a major challenge, while more than one-quarter of insurance companies around the world are experiencing difficulties in managing risk. The […]

The Implications of Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS)

In my previous post I pointed out the coming sea-change that will be impacting the utility sector of the U.S. economy, based on the Obama Administration’s steps to curtail greenhouse gas emissions. The President has also pledged an “all of the above” approach to solving America’s energy needs. An often-overlooked technology that is part of […]

The Implications of President Obama’s Climate Change Initiatives

Yesterday in a speech at Georgetown University, President Obama outlined what he hopes will be one of his most significant legacies: administrative initiatives to combat global climate change. Recognizing that GCC legislation will be nearly impossible, the President instead outlined steps he plans to take administratively, including significant restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions from existing […]

Welcome to our STAR Blog

Hello!  Welcome to our blog – a hub of information, conversation, and guidance from STAR Group: a different kind of consulting firm, who empowers groups of people to solve difficult problems and achieve unprecedented levels of success. Topics you can look forward to discussing and learning about are the revolutionary Implications Wheel, business tools such […]