Strategic Planning

STAR Group has helped dozens of organizations develop and implement strategic plans. Why do companies find more value in STAR Group’s approach than in the dozens of other strategic planning methods in the marketplace? Because STAR Group’s process ensures a broad base of participation from throughout the organization and provides your company with the tools necessary to take immediate action on the plan.

In addition to generating a larger portfolio of ideas, STAR Group’s process generates greater commitment and dedication to the plan and to the implementation steps that must be taken to realize the organization’s vision.

Our strategic planning process brings out the best that your organization has to offer. Most important, your organization’s strategic plan won’t sit on a shelf. With STAR Group, your plan will come to life through decisive, concrete action steps that your team will be committed to taking immediately after the planning process is concluded. To learn more about our approach to Stakeholder-Involved Strategic Planning, please click here.

Systems for Success

We tap into the knowledge that’s already at your fingertips and apply the following cutting-edge systems to give you an entirely new insight into the best path forward:


The Implications Wheel® allows you to map future risks and opportunities so that you can build a far more effective strategic plan. Click here to learn more.

Matrix_logo HQ

The Strategy Matrix® is a sophisticated and effective method to help you “see the forest for the trees.” You’ll understand, quickly and accurately, the short-term and long-term impacts that your execution strategies will have not just on your ability to achieve the goals in your business plan, but on your organization’s culture and sustainability as well. To learn more about the Strategy Matrix, click here.