Finding Business Risks In Advance – What You Don’t Know WILL Hurt You!

Business is inherently risky. STAR Group can show you how to tap into the knowledge that already exists in your organization to identify – well in advance – the key risks that lay over the horizon of time. Identifying these risks not only helps you build a better execution plan, but you’ll continually find yourself one step ahead of your competitors.

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Our secret? An advanced system called The Implications Wheel®. Developed by renowned futurist and author, Joel Barker (“The Business of Paradigms,” “Innovation at the Verge,” “Wealth, Innovation and Diversity”), the I-Wheel™ has been used for over 40 years by organizations as diverse as NASA, the U.S. Army, IBM, HP and the Clinton White House to identify qualitative risks and hidden opportunities in advance of the competition, driving billions to the bottom line.

Actual results from the Implications Wheel process are described here.

The Implications Wheel Process empowers organizations to:

  • Define and measure previously hidden risks and opportunities, quickly and accurately
  • Establish a high degree of confidence in final decisions
  • Significantly reduce the time and cost of launching a new product, service, policy, or critical initiative
  • Identify hidden biases that interfere with objective decision making, leading to actions that benefit the entire organization
  • Eliminate crisis management by delivering a reliable system for advance planning
  • Eliminate organizational resistance to change and remove barriers to innovation
  • Greatly improve communication and establishing a culture of collaborative, proactive problem solving
  • Calibrate the views of all stakeholders about an important issue, quickly, objectively and anonymously

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