System & Process Mapping

People in all organizations are conducting their work within systems and following processes they have learned or developed. In some organizations, processes have been defined, are consistently analyzed and best practices are applied, enabling them to create efficient, well understood work environments. These organizations enjoy the benefit of effective work groups, good communication, and high collaboration. Organizations that do not have formalized processes or are not following processes they have established generally experience problems in work distribution, miscommunications regarding deadlines and lack of clarity on how one process depends upon or impacts another among other issues. These issues can be key to an organization’s success.

Determining what processes need to be defined, mapping those processes, and identifying and prioritizing improvements can be a tremendous challenge for most organizations. STAR Group creates an environment that values each person’s contribution. We build a personal commitment to understanding the interdependence of each person, within each process, system, and organization. From detailed, step-by-step identification to implementation plans for improvements in customer value and measurements of success, STAR Group facilitates the entire mapping process.

The ability to clearly describe and evaluate the processes used to complete needed work can profoundly impact how effective your people are. Their understanding of the fit between their process and the systems and overall aspects of the organization is the lynchpin for increasing effectiveness and efficiency.