The Implications of President Obama’s Climate Change Initiatives

Yesterday in a speech at Georgetown University, President Obama outlined what he hopes will be one of his most significant legacies: administrative initiatives to combat global climate change. Recognizing that GCC legislation will be nearly impossible, the President instead outlined steps he plans to take administratively, including significant restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions from existing coal-fired power plants.

Both sides of the political spectrum have already begun weighing in on the President’s announcement. Regardless of your opinion of these measures, there is no doubt that a potential sea-change is in the works for the U.S. utility sector and for the global economy. Is your company prepared? Have you fully vetted both the quantitative AND the qualitative risks and opportunities that are coming your way? Whether you are directly in the utility sector (plant owners and operators, suppliers to those entities) or you have a significant, though more indirect, stake in the future of this industry (consumer advocates, environmental groups, large energy consumers), your future WILL be impacted by these new initiatives.

If you would are interested in exploring the hidden risks and opportunities associated with our uncertain energy future, STAR Group can help. With the Implications Wheel® process, we give our clients insights into how their worlds will be impacted by significant changes in the market. Just a few of the powerful results from the Implications Wheel are described here. The time to explore the positive and negative implications of the President’s announcement is NOW. If you understand the future, you can take steps TODAY to keep your strategic plan on track and reach your goals.

The Implications Wheel®, showing positive (blue), negative (red) and "Black Swan" (red star) implications for the organization.

The Implications Wheel®, showing positive (blue), negative (red) and “Black Swan” (red star) implications for the organization.